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From deep in the heart of Elk County, Pennsylvania, comes a gourmet treat, hand popped over an open flame using only the finest ingredients.

Our Kettle Corn

From day ONE, we have been committed to offering a ‘Popcorn Experience’ that you will want to enjoy again and again. Our product line has rapidly expanded beyond our yummy traditional kettle corn to include a multitude of flavors and chocolate drizzles. Throw in a nice variety of packaging and you have a treat that is sure to please! We are 'Pop To Order' so delivery will be a few days. Call us with delivery questions.

From Fundraisers and Corporate Gifts to Popcorn Bars and Gift Basket Fillers, we’ve got you covered. Or how about a Quality Embossed Tin filled with White Chocolate Drizzle for that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list. Contact us, and we will guide you to the perfect choices to fit your needs.

Our Ingredients

There are only four all-natural ingredients in our classic kettle corn:

  • Corn
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Salt

(Flavored bags would include elements of the flavoring)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we're NOT accepting online orders.

Foil Bag - Drizzled

Our Drizzle Flavors start with a fresh batch of hand popped kettle corn. It is then carefully sifted to eliminate quality imperfections and drizzled with a variety of chocolate flavors. Each bag is packaged within minutes of the drizzle and sealed for freshness.
Chocolate Drizzles are packaged fresh into bags that offer more than 10 weeks of freshness.
Select Your Drizzle:
Available in resealable foil bags, net wt 8 oz

Foil Bag - Flavored

Our shake flavors start with a fresh popped batch of our traditional kettle corn. We sprinkle in just the right amount of uniquely mixed seasonings to offer a tasty twist to the sweet and salty base. Each bag is packaged within minutes of being seasoned and sealed for freshness.
The next best thing to traditional kettle corn... is traditional kettle corn with a tasty twist.
Select Your Shake Flavor:
Available in resealable foil bags, net wt 8 oz

Bring Us To Your Event

Our commitment to the consumer is not only to provide a healthy, tasty kettle corn snack, but also to provide an entertaining, crowd-pleasing demonstration. The popping process is fun and exciting to watch, the aroma attracts large crowds and the unique taste keeps them coming back again and again for more.

If you would like to have North Country Kettle Corn participate in your next community, organization or personal event please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we're NOT scheduling new events.

Come To Our Next Event

We have been blessed with an opportunity to be a part of some amazing events over the past few years. We are happy to say that we are fairly well booked for most weekends during the outdoor portion of the year. Once the weather turns colder, we take advantage of many indoor craft shows and fundraisers. Looking forward to seeing you at one of them!!

Popcorn Bar

Our newest venture, and picking up speed at an exhilarating rate. We are happy to announce 'The Popcorn Bar.'

Limited only to your imagination, we now offer our tasty treats in the form of a popcorn bar. Pick a variety of crowd pleasing flavors, purchase it in bulk, utilize our rent free glass containers and scoops (or use your own to fit your theme.) Great for weddings, showers, graduation and retirement parties. Anytime you will be hosting a crowd of hungry guests, kettle corn is a welcome snack.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we're NOT scheduling new popcorn bars.


Purchasing our wonderful popcorn is as easy as clicking a few buttons and having it delivered to your door, but if you need that salty sweet goodness immediately, it’s as easy as driving down to the local store and picking up a bag.

The map on the right highlights all of our current locations. Try not to eat it all before you get home!

All About Us

North Country Kettle Corn is a family owned and operated business dedicated to offering our customers a delicious twist to tasty popcorn. Our Kettle Corn is slightly sweet, slightly salty, which has been a favorite for years! Most people who taste it agree, "It is the best they have ever had."

North Country Kettle Corn has tried to separate ourselves from other competitors as a top shelf operation. We use a large capacity stainless steel kettle that allows us to keep up with large crowds. We sift our product as it is cooling to provide our customer with a bag of only the best kernels of the pop, and provide samples for you to 'try before you buy!

Our Motto

All Kettle Corn Is Not Created Equal

We purchase only the BEST ingredients to provide the BEST results both visually and by taste. Our set up is neat, clean, professional, insured and licensed. We take pride in every aspect of kettle corn popping, and enjoy the fruits of our efforts in the number of repeat customers we now call friends.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about us, our product or the events we currently are booked for, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will answer your questions as best as we can.

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Fundraising Opportunities

As an alternative to Hoagie's, Pizza's and Candles, why not give North Country Kettle Corn a try. (minimum quantities and delivery fees apply outside a 100 mile radius)


This is the most popular. Each participant takes an order form around to friends, family, and neighbors. Payments are collected as orders are taken. After a sufficient time that you have set up to collect all the orders, you tally up the number of bags needed and let us know the results. We pop it fresh and then deliver it to your group on a pre-determined time and date and they deliver it to their customers.

Direct Sales

Your group can purchase North Country Kettle Corn at our special fundraising price for re-sale. This option works well for organizations that have opportunity to sell directly to large groups over a one or two day period. For example, a youth group may purchase our kettle corn to sell at high traffic venues such as sporting events, fairs and festivals.

Fundraising Basket

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we're NOT scheduling new fundraisers.

Your Allergies & Health

You will be happy to know that all of our Traditional kettle corn is:*

  • Peanut free
  • Gluten free
  • MSG free
  • trans fat free
  • Preservative free
  • Low in sodium
  • Low in calories
  • A good source of fiber
  • Cholesterol free

*Non traditional kettle corn may contain peanuts, milk, nuts & soy ingredients.

Allergy Icons